Justin Pietrowski Website


Anthony Chimera, Web Designer for Cherrytail-Design was great friends with Justin Pietrowski who unfortunately passed away. We contacted Justin's mother to create a memorial / fundraising website for Justin. It is a huge success and has raised over $3,000 towards "Miles for Smiles".

It was a pleasure being able to create a website for such a great cause.


My name is Laura Scott and my son, Justin, passed away on May 26, 2013. All his friends joined together to have a memorial soccer game for Justin on June 9, 2013. I met Anthony again the day of the soccer game and he approached me of wanting to create a website in memory of my son, Justin. He began creating the site on the evening of this game and did an amazing job with pictures, details, links and even obtaining information for viewers to submit secured donations to my son’s surgeons organization.

Anthony, was so amazing to work with and he launched this site just over 2 weeks after beginning this incredible and wonderful memorial for my son. We are forever grateful for his hard work and details to my son’s memory.

Laura Scott